Q: Do I need a Doctor’s referral?
A: No.
A Doctor’s referral is not required to book an appointment. However, your insurance company may require a doctor’s referral to pay for the fees, so it’s better to check with your insurance company or your benefit booklet first.

Q: I was referred to another clinic by my doctor. Can I come to your clinic instead?
A: Yes. You are free to go to any clinic of your choice even though your referral is for another facility.

Q: What do I need to bring for the initial assessment?
A: You need to bring comfortable clothing according to the area of treatment such as shorts or tank tops. Also, If you have had prior examinations like X-rays or MRI, please bring any relevant medical information and treatment records, so the therapist can better understand your condition and plan treatment accordingly.

Q:If I am pregnant, can I still have a Massage Therapy?
A: Yes. In some pregnancies, some women suffer from lower back and neck pain. Massage therapy can help relax the muscles that support the spine.

Q: How many treatment sessions are needed to see results?
A: The course and frequency of physiotherapy vary depending on the individual’s specific condition and treatment goals. Typically, the treatment plan and frequency will be determined by the physiotherapist and doctor during the initial consultation and adjusted based on progress and effectiveness. Generally, physiotherapy requires consistent sessions over a period to achieve optimal results, with the duration varying depending on the condition. For some acute illnesses or injuries, patients may experience significant improvement after a few sessions, while chronic conditions or functional impairments may necessitate long-term, ongoing therapy for ideal results. During the treatment process, patients should actively participate in self-exercise and rehabilitation training to accelerate recovery and reinforce treatment outcomes.

Q: How can I pay for my service?
A: Contact your insurance provider to determine what extended health care benefits are available to you. You will want to know the annual maximum coverage, co-payments required, the need for a Doctors referral.

  • Extended Health Insurance Plans will usually cover all or a portion of the cost.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance Plans cover injuries sustained in car accidents.
  • WSIB covers work-related injuries with a valid claim number assigned.
  • Personal Payment – VISA, MASTERCARD, Debit and Cash.

If your injuries are work-related (WSIB), we will need your claim number and adjudicator name, and contact number. If your injuries are related to Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), we will need your Insurance Company’s name, policy number, claim number, your adjuster’s name and contact number, and your extended health benefits information.

Q: Do I have to pay for my treatment after a car accident?
A: In most situations, if you’ve been in a car accident, you won’t need to pay for the treatment. We will handle the billing directly with the insurance company.